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Welcome to the web site of the non-profit organization
Educational Foundation «Pedagogy of Kindness, Love and Harmony» Riga, Latvia.

The Fund was established in 2016 by pedagogue and sociologist Axel Gross. We are waiting for kind and smart people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

“Every man coming to the Earth contributes something his own to the evolution of the World. I am very happy, that I had an opportunity to develop social-voluntary movement and Social Education of “Kindness, Love and Harmony”; following this methodology, many volunteers make workshops and lessons in various social institutions.

There is established a mindset of slovenliness and indifference on the post-Soviet area, when people wait for a Godsend and do nothing. Using the democratic liberty and freedom, they freeload and follow parasitic lifestyle instead of doing something useful and efficient for community. Ideally, our Life consists of kind and gracious actions. If we do not do anything good ourselves, happiness and well-being don’t come to us. Only evil and disaster will come. Let us love our small countries, improve them economically, socially and create oasis islands of peace there.

I hope, that with help of smart, kind, honest, creative people with rich way of thinking, we will be able to develop social work in our Community and help all helpless children, elderly, sick people and people in need - everything depends on us. In addition, God helps us.

Everybody can be involved in our activity – from individual persons, students, pupils to commercial structures and governmental organizations.”

Only together we can make this world better, much more beautiful and comfortable!